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Gartengestaltung, Schwimmteiche und Garten in Ingolstadt und Eichstätt

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Landscape gardening, swimming ponds and water technology in Ingolstadt

Garten und Gartengestaltung in Ingolstadt

Complete designing and redesigning of private gardens, creating and renovating high-quality swimming ponds, installing ponds, streams and natural stone fountains, working with natural stones, tree care and maintenance, planting out gardens, creating gravel beds, dry walling, laying surfaces, garden irrigation and roof greening. Light and art in the garden.

  • Member of the German Association of Gardeners and Landscape Gardeners
  • Recognised training company
  • Member of the German Society for Natural Bathing Facilities
  • Member of the German Association of Qualified Tree Carers

Paul Valery said “The perception of a garden is the beginning of a relationship that never ends!"

Gardens and Landscape Gardening

Enjoy the moment, let yourself unwind! The garden is an important living space. It is your private refuge, part of what gives life its quality. Nowhere else will you be as close to nature. Skillful use of colour, materials, shapes and scents make the garden a place where all your senses come alive.

Our creative team will plan your garden the way you want it to be. Thanks to years of experience and expert knowledge we can guarantee you that everything will be carried out perfectly.

Wassertechnik, Garten, Gartengestaltung und Schwimmteiche in Ingolstadt

Swimming ponds

Our experienced and creative team will plan, design and build your swimming pond exactly the way you would like it. For 10 years we have been building swimming ponds of all shapes and kinds. From the romantic ecological pond to the classic swimming pond and the elegantly designed natural pool.

Swimming ponds can be divided into 5 categories:
From type 1, with no technology, to type 5, which is highly technical, the amount of space needed decreases and the amount of technical complexity increases. The space necessary ranges from 120 square metres for type 1 to 50 square metres for type 5. Swimming ponds can be built with one- or multi-chamber systems.

This is what you can expect from us:
Request our check list for those interested in swimming ponds, to help you define exactly what you want. Arrange a personal appointment to discuss the project and come and see our exhibition garden with its swimming pond. Our services start with the consultation and planning and take you through to the supervision and execution of the entire project.

Water technology

The stream – source of ideas. Imagine stones could speak their own language. No room for a big pond? It does not always have to be big, the most important thing is the refreshing effect of the cool element in your garden.

With a successful combination of plants and water you can do more than you think! It soothes body and soul, refreshes and revitalizes your everyday routine. Come and see our exhibition and we will show you a number of different water features and boulders.

Quellsteine, Garten, Gartengestaltung und Schwimmteiche in Ingolstadt


Selection of the highest quality materials to suit the location has priority for us. We have had an excellent working relationship with most of our suppliers for years, so we can fulfil special wishes at any time.

Our plants come from recognized German nurseries, so we can be sure that they thrive in our climate.

We always have a large number of natural stone products in stock or can procure these at short notice.

Here is a small selection of the materials we use:

  • Jura and granite walling stones
  • Granite paving stones of all sizes
  • Boulders of all sizes
  • Natural stone fountains, gravel and granite chippings
  • Pond liners and netting
  • Lawn and garden fertilizers
  • Soil activators
  • Plant substrates
  • Willow screening elements
  • Pond care products

Maintenance and Service

Follow your instinct, do only as much as is necessary and most importantly do it with skill. The right plant in the right place and with the right companions. The speed of our experience, hands and machines, the strength of our emotions and creativity.

And it cannot be denied that everything works. When it comes to the care of your garden and your swimming pond we will always be there to offer help and advice. Whether you need to prune branches, care for your trees, pond or garden, whether you need help with irrigation or illumination, we will always be happy to help.